Tui’s Nest Childcare Northcote / Birkenhead North Shore Auckland

At Tui’s Nest Childcare we provide children with a positive and well-balanced environment that is safe, challenging, nurturing and educational. Our centre is conveniently located between Birkenhead and Northcote, providing top quality childcare, daycare and preschool on Auckland’s North Shore.

We take pride in providing a wide range of activities aimed at assisting the development of the children while remembering that they are still children. We mix fun with learning, socializing with ethical awareness, and good manners with a healthy serving of play and exploration.

We are licensed for 45 children with a maximum of 20 under 2’s. We have fully qualified teachers who specialise in all manners of creative learning – arts and crafts, dance, music, painting, dramatic play, games, and other ECE activities.  Our staff is motivated, warm and caring people who have empathy and the ability to relate positively to the children and their families.

Limited Spaces Available

  • Childcare, Daycare & Preschool Northcote

  • Childcare, Daycare & Preschool Birkenhead

  • Childcare, Daycare & Preschool North Shore Auckland

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